Washer & Dryer

Washer and Dryer Repair Service in Ottawa Ontario

Is your washing Macjine is making a strong sound you came to thr right place! We in SDF Appliance Repaiar Ottawa will take care of that, because we have the best expirence when it comes to washers Dryers from all brands. Do you see any drain coming from your Washing Machine? Are you feeling thet something wrong with your Dryer? Call SDF experts! We have the best Appliance repair guys in Ottawa, and they can come to your home business or factory in order to provide you the best accurate service!

Washing Machine Repair Ottawa

Wahing Machine and Dryers Repair service

Our company SDF started to serve the city of Ottawa and the srrounding area when we started to see that local people are trying to find a high quality repair servie for their Wahing Machine and their Dryers. Since then all of our clients are satisfied and they call us hen they need the best service in town!

Loyal Clients

We in SDF always highly value our clients, and that what we come “real loyalty”, Because when one of our clients say that he call us again due to a professional service, we know that we did the job properly.

Here Is a list of brands we work with







Speed Queen




So next time when tou require for a washer or Dryer repaiar in Ottawa call SDF! We are the best Appliance Pro’s in the Ottawa are!